Aluminum Siding Painter

Foxhill Tower Road house aluminumFoxhill tower road house after aluminum

Foxhill Tower Road house aluminum after 2Aluminum siding painting

Good preparation always precedes a quality finish. A lasting and durable bonding of paint to aluminum or vinyl siding is obtained by applying the paint to a clean and professionally prepared surface.


Setting up an aluminum home is a little more tricky than most other homes. The tape and paper or plastic for the windows, doors, overhangs, or anything not intended to be painted must be precise, so as to not over spray. The right sprayer, hose, gun, and tips must all be in perfect working order, as to not leave lines, orange peel, etc.

  1. Mildew, mold, and algae stains are removed by a bleach solution for exterior applications
  2. Chalking, dirt, and stains are removed by a detergent cleaner and pressure washing

The Finish

Two full coats are applied professionally by airless spray equipment using quality 100% acrylic paint. This double factory-like finish is fade resistant and resists peeling, cracking, and chipping.


The new finish may be cleaned periodically. It has a long life of over 10 years. Paint seems to adhere to aluminum for a longer period of time than any other surface if it is done correctly.



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